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Confessions of an Internet Hater

These devices hypnotized the population. And even without owning one, they were having a terrible effect on me too!

It seemed that folks went a little bit, shall we say, "over the top" with the new technology?

I submit for your consideration…

I tried to love the web. I had a Facebook page, a LinkedIn page, I built websites and sent HTML emails.

I tried blogging and tweeting, but each new platform seemed stranger than the last. Who am I talking to? Is there anybody out there? I just wasn't feelin' it.

#learningtolovetheweb but not feeling it.

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I wanted to participate, but I never felt it's something that I would do. It seemed that this social media stuff was built for kids.

The internet is not going away. I have to accept it and adjust. I know that. But how...? I want to participate, just not like this. Can I make this work? It's not so clear.

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A filmmaker with over a decade's experience in marketing, I find the internet follows different rules, requiring audience participation to be effective.

Ok. So, thinking out loud, what if the marketing itself was an interactive story that folks would actually enjoy consuming?

Win! Win! Right On!

So, "Native Advertising" has been picking up a lot of buzz lately!

When at it's best, advertising emerges from the medium where it lives. Print ads, radio ads and TV has done it. It's time to look at the Internet!

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WebthreadsTM share a common ancestor with native advertising. But native advertising has a deceptive/ toxic side, frequently camouflaged to look like news articles. But, native advertising can be Non-Toxic and supportive instead of insidious and antagonistic.

Native advertising can be, well...A MEDIUM!
A MEDIUM for recording and sharing events!
A MEDIUM for telling brand narratives - and within a purchase environment.

Throw in a little MOBILE GAMIFICATION on social media and the sum of the parts adds up to a WebthreadTM!!!

What could be more interactive or immersive?

Banner ads? Click bait? Interruptive ads? Re-marketing? (a.k.a, digital stalking) Seriously? This is as good as it gets?

Without a better idea, advertisers are left with, let's just say, "less than optimum practices and procedures." However...

There's a better idea!

Speak the language of the web.
And use the internet for good, not evil!

So, what do you think?

Did you engage with the story? And, how do you feel about advertising going "Green?" Leave your 2¢ below. Your insights are very important!!

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