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The promotional video is the “tent pole” of your video strategy! It’s the video you make that you want to get shared and it deserves the most time and energy. This is your brand story. It’s the emotional connection you make with your customers and it’s the best way to make a great first impression.

The “Thomas Edison on Facebook” promo was the product of keeping costs down by wrapping the concept around the availability of public domain footage.

So, whether you’re just jumping in or already a video veteran, everything you’ll need to advance your video footprint is available at Eye Notion.

Multi-camera events, streamed live...

Although not internet-friendly in and of itself, the TV-commercial style video still has it’s uses online. For instance, check out “The Confessions of an Internet Hater!” The webthread uses the advertisement format to wrap up our new storytelling notion.

Design and execution of Motion Graphics and VFX! All part of the Eye Notion tool bag.

Beyond the tent pole promo video, there are other types of videos that are also very useful in content marketing. These include interviews, how-to videos, tips-and-tricks, infographics, product launches and user content.

The film trailer acts very much like a product launch, but instead of introducing/ explaining a new product, we tease the film.

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