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JMcGillWith_BIG-HATFolks usually meet John McGill in a bar having a pint and drawing frigates or exhibiting his work in an Art show. And there is a reason. John McGill is an Artist. John McGill is a Craftsman. But also, John McGill is an Urban Nomad. John McGill Banned, the documentary, traces his story.

He lives in and around Brooklyn dealing with the random, but formidable bad luck and demons that have shaped his life. However, he’s quite the character, and John’s remarkably cheery Irish disposition makes him sometimes uncomfortable to contemplate, but ridiculously entertaining to watch.

The documentary was shot in a handful of days over 5 weeks time, and the cinéma vérité nature of the film, turns out, is well suited to a WEB SERIES! The narrative follows John McGill navigating life on the fringe — hustling for work, trying to get paid, showing his artwork and securing a place to sleep. It’s a heavy, yet entertaining load that gets expressed with a beat, as John stretches his creative endeavors into music, lyrically and vocally. Enter, the hip-hop explorations of THE JOHN McGILL BANNED.

Watch the trailer below. Or just dive right into Episode 1 – “ Who’s Your Daddy?

Episode Two – ” Speed Cat
Episode Two-A – ” Here and Beer!
Episode Three – ” The Little Prawn
Episode Four – ” When It Was THE RITZ!
Episode Five – ” I’m Having an Art Show!
Episode Six – ” I Just Found My Hat.
Episode Seven – ” Cobblestones
Episode Eight – ” Mushroom
Episode Nine – ” Happy Artwork!

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