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Michael A. Broz began his film career in New York City working on classic independent films such as Troma’s, Toxic Avenger, but soon made the move to Hollywood where he would find himself at the studios of legendary “B-movie king” Roger Corman.

Corman's New Horizons Studio was a former lumber yard that was hacked into a movie studio and turned out a dozen or so "B" movies a year. Where jokingly, "going to the Corman Film School” was an inside reference to making movies for Roger, an opportunity that furthered the careers of distinguished directors the likes of Coppola, Scorsese, Howard, Demme, Bogdanovich and many others. During Michael’s tenure there, he would work with 4 future nominees and 3 winners of the Academy Award® for Cinematography.

Mchael Broz

For Michael, it was always about camera and he worked on more than 30 feature films as a focus puller. However, this aspiring cinematographer would shortly begin shooting music videos and short films. A few years later, however, his path would change and Michael would return to the east coast to be near his young daughter.

A new career path would begin to take shape back in NYC – in marketing and graphic design – but when the agency he was working for folded, Michael would gather his skill sets and incorporate himself as Eye Notion Visual Concepts, Inc. consulting for enterprise clients such as Clinique, Origins, Lab Series, Estée lauder, Macy’s and Condé Nast (Magazine titles: Golf Digest, Teen Vogue, Glamour, Cookie, Lucky, etc.)

This helped cement his education as marketer and designer, but Michael’s passion was firmly set in filmmaking! This time, however, it was all about storytelling and directing. Projects. Projects. Projects…

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