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Eye Notion thinks that Non-Toxic Digital Marketing is the Best! Because like the fight against global warming, we’ve got to change out our energy, man!


Content marketing is green, non-toxic "pull" advertising appropriate for the "pull" environment of the web, where the content inspiring more clicks and getting more shares is, wait for it, video content!

Eye Notion is here to help you take advantage of video as the cornerstone of your Digital Marketing Strategy. We deliver a high-quality video product as well as provide concepts and advice for increasing your reach and gaining new customers. That's our story.

If you need some extra hands in telling your story, including SEO advice or service, not to worry. We can help you there as well! All the while, keeping free-and-clear of the dark side. Because, Brrr! “push” advertising in a “pull” environment? It's heavy man, and it's toxic.

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But we love our journeys man! RIGHT ON! And on Social Media, we share our stories. Of course, the stories that are told on video get all the attention. It's the nature of video.

All good, we love video! But at Eye Notion, we're also excited about a new storytelling idea we've been developing called...

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WebthreadsTM are a transmedia inspired, interactive, story-telling medium weaving up some pretty boss yarns.

Click to get the behind-the-scenes-skinny on our hero, as he learns to tune-in, turn-on, and get social! in...

Confessions of an Internet Hater
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YOU GOT THIS! We're here to help.

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